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last update: Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 10.00 pm


In Switzerland, the number of corona infections is increasing rapidly. The Federal Council has classified the situation in Switzerland as an “extraordinary situation”. The Federal Council calls on the population to take responsibility: Stay at home.

Measures to protect the health of the population

  • All shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment and leisure facilities will remain closed. Not affected by the new ruling are food stores and healthcare institutions.
  • Mobilisation of up to 8000 military personnel for health, logistics and security
  • Ban on classroom teaching at all educational establishments
  • All public and private events are prohibited
  • Gatherings of more than five persons are prohibited
  • Temporary standstill in debt collection
  • Authorisation requirement for the export of medical protective equipment
  • All persons from abroad, with the exception of the Principality of Liechtenstein, are refused entry to Switzerland by land and air (Exceptions are possible, for example for people who live or work in Switzerland.)
  • Ban on visiting hospitals, old people’s homes, nursing homes and invalidity facilities (Canton of Zurich)

Impact on the economy

The appearance of the coronavirus and the protective measures taken by the authorities as a result trigger supply bottlenecks and a drop in demand, which can lead to work stoppages. As an entrepreneur, you are particularly challenged to counteract the short and long-term effects of this situation.

Short-time work as a result of the coronavirus

Short-time work is the temporary reduction or discontinuation of work in a company for unavoidable economic reasons. Loss of working hours as a result of the coronavirus is not part of the normal business risk and entitles the employee to short-time work compensation (KAE).

Package of economic measures

Federal Council increases Corona aid to over 40 billion francs.


Unbureaucratic, targeted and rapid. This is how the Federal Council wants to help the economy, culture and sport. It wants to prevent solid companies from getting into difficulties.

Information for self-employed persons

Self-employed persons who suffer loss of income as a result of the Federal Council's measures to combat coronavirus are entitled for compensation.

Information for home owners

Due to the ban on all public and private events, convened or planned meetings are cancelled and postponed to a later date.

Information for tenants

We are in contact with all cleaning institutes commissioned by us to ensure that the tightened hygiene measures are also implemented in the area of house cleaning.

Information from the FOPH

Stay at home, especially if you are old or sick. Unless you need to go to work and cannot work from home; unless you need to go to the doctor or pharmacy; unless you need to buy food or help someone.

News Service Bund [EN]

Coronavirus: Federal Council approves deactivation of countercyclical capital buffer (Fr, 27 Mär 2020)
During its meeting on 27 March 2020, the Federal Council approved the proposal of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to deactivate the countercyclical capital buffer with immediate effect. This measure gives banks more flexibility in granting credits designed to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
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G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19 (Thu, 26 Mar 2020)
Address by the President of the Swiss Confederation H.E. Mrs Simonetta Sommaruga
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Publication of state financial statements for 2019 (Thu, 26 Mar 2020)
As of 26 March 2020, the state financial statements for 2019 are available in electronic format on the website of the Federal Finance Administration (FFA). The figures are also available in the federal budget data centre. The hard copy will be released on 15 April 2020. The Federal Treasury activity report is published to complement the state financial statements.
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Coronavirus: Federal Council adopts emergency ordinance on granting of credits with joint and several federal guarantees (Wed, 25 Mar 2020)
During its extraordinary meeting on 25 March 2020, the Federal Council addressed the issue of liquidity assistance for SMEs, which should have rapid access to credit facilities to bridge liquidity shortfalls caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. Companies are advised to apply for the credit facilities at their main bank. Facilities will be secured by the Confederation. The corresponding ordinance enters into force on 26 March 2020, from which date credit applications can be submitted.
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Coronavirus: Switzerland extends border controls to all Schengen States (Wed, 25 Mar 2020)
At its meeting on 25 March, the Federal Council was informed by the FDJP that entry restrictions have been extended to all Schengen States. This measure will increase the protection given to the population against the coronavirus.
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Part-time students at Swiss higher education institutions in 2016: detailed analysis - One in five students study part-time (Wed, 25 Mar 2020)
22% of all students say that they study part-time. For around half of these, employment alongside their studies is key. Part-time students are less satisfied with their study conditions than full-time students and they rate their own health as worse. In addition to their financial situation, their age, social background and employment situation also differ considerably from that of full-time students. These results are taken from the topic report of the survey on the social and economic situation of students from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).
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New visualisation of the MONET 2030 indicator system (Tue, 24 Mar 2020)
The new visualisation of the MONET 2030 indicator system makes it possible to gain an insight into Switzerland’s progression towards the sustainable development goals. The mosaic is not uniform, however, and while almost half of the tiles show progress, other areas show setbacks. This representation is dynamic, interactive and flexible according to individual needs. It is published online by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).
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Protection against domestic violence guaranteed also during the coronavirus period (Mon, 23 Mar 2020)
People affected by domestic violence can contact the existing support structures in all cantons and receive assistance. The victim counselling centres and the shelters are providing their services as usual. The police are still available to help at all times.
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FDFA launches extensive repatriation action - first flights to Costa Rica and Colombia underway (Mon, 23 Mar 2020)
The FDFA has launched an unprecedented repatriation action. Yesterday the first flight left Switzerland for Costa Rica. An Airbus A-340 of the airline "Edelweiss" is currently on its way to Colombia. In the coming weeks the FDFA is planning dozens of additional flights to Latin America, Asia and Africa.
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Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer takes part in virtual G20 Finance Ministers Meeting (Mon, 23 Mar 2020)
Today, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer took part in the meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors to discuss the economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting, in which Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan also participated, was held by video conference.
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