New Coronavirus

Impact on the economy

The appearance of the coronavirus and the protective measures taken by the authorities as a result trigger supply bottlenecks and a drop in demand, which can lead to work stoppages. As an entrepreneur, you are particularly challenged to counteract the short and long-term effects of this situation.


Due diligence

As an employer, you must do everything in your duty of care to minimize the risk of infection for your employees. To this end, please observe the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health:


Short-time work as a result of the coronavirus

If your company is affected by a drop in demand and loss of working hours in connection with the appearance of the coronavirus, you have the option of registering for short-time working at the Office of Economic and Labour Affairs.


Conserve liquidity

Get an overview of the financial situation of your company. Conserve liquidity and optimize the purchase of goods and inventory management. Postpone planned investments that are not absolutely necessary into the future.


To bridge liquidity bottlenecks, we can support you with partners from our network. Please contact us at an early stage.

Information for download

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