New Coronavirus

Information for tenants

Use of the general rooms

  • We are in contact with all cleaning institutes commissioned by us to ensure that the tightened hygiene measures are also implemented in the area of house cleaning.
  • When using general rooms, take care to avoid contact with handrails, railings, handles, buttons, sonnery, etc.
  • Regularly carry out a 90-degree wash cycle in communal washing machines.
  • Avoid using the elevator if possible.
  • Keep sufficient distance from other people in playgrounds.

Symptom occurrence

  • Go into self-isolation and follow the recommendations for self-isolation of confirmed coronavirus cases. You will find all the necessary information on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):
  • If you are one of the most vulnerable people: Contact a doctor immediately by phone. Say that you are a person with risk factors, have had contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, and have symptoms
  • Inform us so that we can inform all residents of your home reactively, but without delay, taking into account the protection of personality rights, and coordinate the necessary measures with the crisis organisation in your canton of residence.

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New Coronavirus - Information for tenants
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