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Short-time work as a result of the coronavirus

Short-time work is the temporary reduction or discontinuation of work in a company for unavoidable economic reasons. Loss of working hours as a result of the coronavirus is not part of the normal business risk and entitles the employee to short-time work compensation (KAE).

For whom is short-time work possible?


Employees with a permanent employment contract

Employees with a fixed-term employment contract

Employees on hourly wages


Persons working in the business of the spouse*

Persons financially involved in the company*

Members of the Executive Board*


  • Employees on call
  • Employees who do not agree with short-time working
  • Employees under notice of termination
  • Sole proprietors**

  • *For the following persons, a lump sum of CHF 3’320 is considered the relevant earnings for a full-time position:
    a. assisting spouses and registered partners of the employer
    b. Persons financially involved in the business
    c. Members of the Executive Board and their assisting spouses and registered partners
    This lump sum can be invoiced in March, April and May.
  • The application must be received 0 days in advance by the Office for Economics and Labour (Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit ZH) (
  • The waiting period is 0 days. This means that companies do not have to bear one day's loss of working hours themselves.
  • The approval period for short-time work is 6 months.
  • Social security contributions must be paid in accordance with normal working hours, i.e. to 100% of the wage, if the employee is entitled to compensation for short-time work. Employee contributions (also BVG) can be deducted from the gross wage as usual. However, only AHV, IV, EO and ALV are reimbursed by the unemployment insurance fund. Employer contributions for BVG or a voluntarily concluded daily sickness allowance insurance are not reimbursed by the unemployment insurance fund.
  • ** Self-employed persons (sole proprietors) can make their entitlement to unemployment compensation in the form of daily allowances valid via the EO insurance. You can find more information here: Information self-employed persons.

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Information on short-time working as a result of the coronavirus
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